Thursday, March 08, 2012

What do I want in life?

Like ultimately, what do I want for myself?

Most probably have nothing much to do with you so, blame me not if you read on

Stephen Covey’s in 7 Habits of Highly Effective People mention that one of the habit is to "Begin with the end in mind". So instead of the usual looking at where I am and see what I can do to go anywhere, let me see how I want people to say about me during my funeral, and the break it down from there, asking smaller and smaller question.

After much thinking, one thing that I want to 'hear' most during my funeral would be
"He's such an inspiration"

The answer to the ultimate question of life, the universe, and everything is... 42! So now what's the Ultimate question of life, the universe and everything?

Browsing through list of inspirational figure, they are usually very good leaders, leading by example, or created a colossal lie, that's big enough, and spread often enough, that people will believe as truth, even when they  sound like total crap. People will often make excuse and try to prove the lie to validate it, some proudly  blaring them using speakers,  before the break of dawn.

So now, leaders which aspect do I want to be?
Realistically? I am already a leader of my business, small but growing. Leading a household will be inevitable. Deep down inside my heart, I always wanted to create an alternate universe, even if they are just on a stack of paper. If vampire can sparkle under the sun, there's nothing else impossible.

Well for the time being, with the finance coming up short, best look at the realistic option. As always, I try to be the game changer, going against the tide. Sad thing is there's no successful track record to support that this is a right much less good thing to do. So now it boils down to being a man or a boy. Most influential person walk and talk like a man while keeping the boy within alive. If not for the curiosity of a boy, Issac Newton would have never try to figure out what make the apple fell from the trees. How does a boy outsmart the big guns in an gun fight when all he has is but a toy gun?

At first I thought, I could just sell what I sell, create demand instead of looking at what the market wants. Quoting Steve Jobs, people don't know what they want until you show it to them. Then I realize that I'm doing it wrong, I'm not showing my customer something new at all. It's the same old stuff, just not that popular in demand already, in some sense, they have been replaced. To create a demand for something totally new is one thing, to create a demand for what people already rejected is something else. It's like a nerd trying to escape the friendzone, you don't, unless you are not a nerd anymore. To continuously grow, I must satisfy the demand of the customers. Giving them what they want, while searching for newer products and slowly introduce it to them. Alternatively, I can amass enough resources to (re)introduce them something that they replaced. Like the nerd who build a website getting it to IPO and reemerged as a billionaire instead of the same old nerd, I suppose the chance of him getting friendzoned will be way lower.

On a personal level, I know who I am, what's my strengths and weaknesses. In short I am lazy, but then again, if I am really that lazy, why would I write such a long story just to mock myself? Irony much? So maybe I'm not as lazy as I thought, maybe I'm actually stupid but always been using my laziness as an excuse for my under performance? Maybe I don't know myself that well after all? There has been a few critical changes that need to be done soonest possible if I'm serious about making a change in my life. 
  • Focus, try harder to concentrate on what I am doing and not be distracted
  • Up speed, stop procrastinating
  • Creative, but one couldn't go outside the box without understanding the box
  • Knowledge, understand that no man is too smart to learn
  • Stability, no use to change just to revert back to old self
With all being said, action still speak louder than words, so how to turn a script writer into a no double silver screen action hero? Good thing now, the leading actress is supportive enough and accommodating. It's not easy to come by. Although this is just the first partnership on this new movie franchise, I sure do hope it can be as long lasting as Guiding Light. There can never be a perfect prediction for the future, but at least if there's a will to build and craft, future wouldn't turn out too far from the image in mind. 

I'm also very grateful to have a group of like minded lazy friends, and we're making progression, slowly but surely to have a more successful life. It's like a small scale start up group and I certainly hope that we'll have each other's back at least morally on our way up. Of course along the line, we hope that we will expand our network, and get more like minded people to join us. 

Starting off from the right mind set is important, and the best thing I can wish for is to wake up feeling purposeful and great everyday. To wake up feeling afresh, sleep is important, so as a starter, a slight change of sleeping habit.

So now after so much structured bullshit, have you figured out the ultimate question of life, the universe and everything?
*yawns* No. I've been watching the youtube.


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