Saturday, July 09, 2011

Bersih: A Battle Between the Classes

It's not a war between races... It's a battle between the classes...
Yellow rain coat - checked
Yellow T-Shirt - checked
Bersih Brain? - errr, what's that?

Look, this is a protest not a parade, you don't join a protest without knowing the cause.

A very intelligent friend of mine, an environmental engineer, who actually work as one and not succumb to sales engineer quoted the above statement.

I couldn't agree more with what he said about the battle between classes! It's much about the battle between the informed vs unaware. Education play a very very important role in creating a fair and peaceful democratic system, one that we call, the government of the people. The difference between the classes are still great, and I wonder how we arrive at 91.9 literacy rate (source:​ki/List_of_countries_by_li​teracy_rate) looking at the situation.

Aside from education, it's also about the reliance towards the government. Any corporations, living quarters or work force, directly affected by any change in the government in power will hope that things remain the same. Even private small and medium business owners have the same kind of mentality, although to a lesser degree, because all they hope for is to make a living, and don't really care who's in power anyway.

Politic is a dirty playground, in every corner of the world. The underlying reason is in the lying, not under. It's the inherent flaw of human for us to be deceived, how else could we explain the increasing importance of branding if such is not thee case? Season politician are often cunning linguist anyway.

How could a wakil rakyat not be staying in the are that he mengwakili? How can one serve the people that he doesn't even live with? Do we still know the people among our neighborhood for us to recommend someone who can really speak for the majority of the neighborhood? If wakil rakyat are home grown wakil, can the wakil-wakil from the more secluded, illiterate, technologically backward part of Malaysia to farily represent their area when they are up against the urban people who have easier access to information? These are but the tip of the iceberg, but are we really doing what we can to help our country or are we just talking for the sake of creating awareness? How are we helping our country to achieve One Malaysia, or it has always been One Malaysia for the rakyat, just not in the politician eyes?

Kudos to those who are joining the rally, what you're doing is playing an important part in the history of Malaysia, it's beyond me to comment if it's right or wrong. So if you're serious about joining the rally, please make sure that you know what you're protesting for.
  1. Clean the electoral roll
  2. Reform postal ballot
  3. Use of indelible ink
  4. Minimum 21 days campaign period
  5. Free and fair access to media
  6. Strengthen public institutions
  7. Stop corruption
  8. Stop dirty politics

For a more detailed explanation about the demands, do visit the Bersih 2.0 official website.

Tuesday, July 05, 2011

The World vs The Truth (preview)

The big lie, the convenient truth, an inconvenient truth and their supporting documentation, underlying assumption, ultimately the real truth.

Steven Quiring, climatologist from Texas A&M University added that "whether scientists like it or not, An Inconvenient Truth has had a much greater impact on public opinion and public awareness of global climate change than any scientific paper or report."

What is widely perceived as truth holds more credibility than the truth that only you know.

Friday, July 01, 2011

Protests against protest

This is one of the proudest thing of being a Malaysian, we are a country that promote and protect human rights, voted to be among the UN Human Rights Council, serving a 3 years term from June 19, 2010 to June 18, 2013.
It said that in the elections, Malaysia garnered 179 votes (95.2%) out of 188 countries that were present to vote.

"The high number of votes obtained reflects the confidence of the international community in Malaysia's ability to play a positive and constructive role in the work of the HRC. "It is an acknowledgement of our contribution towards enriching the quality of dialogue, cooperation and action aimed at advancing the promotion and protection of human rights globally.
- The Star, 15/4/2010

Isn't it fantastic? So when people think that there are problem in the election system, the people en masse can organize a protest, a walk for democracy. Of course if the election system is dirty, the elected people are dirty, hence a rally that clean up the dirt will definitely not be approved. Common sense? However they believe that people should not be afraid of their governments. Governments should be afraid of their people. Most probably under too much negative motion picture influence. Censorship department should probably have a deeper thought about what to and what not to censor. You can censor the word sex, fuck beer, from songs, movie and any kind of mass media under their control. However, kids easily learn them from supermarket! So what's the whole point? Then they allow a movie of a guy planning to bomb the parliament building, and be celebrated as hero run on the big screen? Then they now wonder where people get the idea of walk for democracy?

Funny thing is this, at first there's a rally for electoral reform. Of course there bound to be voices of disagreement. In this world unanimous agreement is merely majority rules, and the minority can't do shit about it. Now to counter the voice of the rally an opposite voice must be heard, they might not have the numbers, but they have the megaphone. At first they claim that they see no needs for electoral reform, then they say that the protest is going to be a bother to the people at large. Such fickle minded people always confused me, don't talk shit, don't talk shit I, I I I I I, I I I I I, I I I repeat, don't talk shit three times. Then there's another group who say that they are patriotic and they just feel like showing their patriotism now. The best way that they can think of to counter the protest, is to have their own protest.

Okay if you think that a protest to counter a protest is funny enough, try preemptive protest against protest!


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Feel free to google translate at your own risk if you don't understand, but I recommend you get some friend who can actually understand mandarin to help you out. C'mon they are always around the corner.

Simply childish political ploy! It's like saying

"sex is bad, I'll fuck you before you break your virginity to prove it to you."
What the hell? Satu Malaysia kononnya?
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