Thursday, March 31, 2011

How many cars are there in Penang?

It's illogical to post an irrelevant
picture on a post about logic, no?
Troubled by a question like that, that's how bad I've been reduced to. I have always been proud of my logical thinking, which sometimes doesn't seem to be very logical. However, I never expect myself to be troubled by such an easy logic question!

Statistical data for the cars in Penang might not be available, since the mobility of cars in and out of Penang is high. The car ownership in Penang with decent assumption could somehow be obtained from JPJ, and it should decently reflect the cars in Penang. Else, take the population Penang, select the demographic of drivers in Penang, say age 18 - 55 and assume that each of them is having 1~2 cars in average and the answer can be obtained. Or the number of household in Penang, assume that household within annual household income bracket  of RM50k ~ RM99K to have 2 cars, RM100k ~ 200k would have 3 cars, and so on so forth.

Sunday, March 06, 2011

Life is Nothing!

In life, good things happen, bad things happen, in the end nothing happened.
- lauyee
I'm so caught up with getting a life that I am confused about what life is to me. I have to work to make a living, and I have to do more than just work to have a life worth living. It's obvious that everything is moving in a forward fashion. Time is, people are, even freaking price tag is continuously moving forward. Along the time line, assuming that each person have a linear time line, is marked with numerous events, occurrence that one call experience after it happens. Sometimes, it's in favor of us, sometimes it's to our disadvantage or distaste. However, aggregating all the good and bad, one will probably end up with nothingness. That's why we move forward each day hoping that we find something worth living for in the next moment.

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What is lauyeelosophy?

It was a little unexpected that this blog is still up at running after so many years, and definitely a huge chunk of inactivity. Started off with nothing but some personal nags, sharing some of the songs that I genuinely like and their lyrics, and some thoughts that I have no one around me to discuss with, bullshits that I've structured.

Soon I'll put everything into a mixing bowl, sharing lyrics with a structured bullshit story. I wouldn't update it as often as I'd like to but for people who like reading, I'm sure you wouldn't be disappointed.

Yes a picture is worth a thousand words, but it wouldn't be as entertaining as a thousand words for sure.

Sincerely yours,