Sunday, October 03, 2010

Organising people in the cyber and real world?

Journalism is just not my passion, I prefer to eat the data and turn them into information, or some say eat the information and turn them into bullshit, but it's fun to try new things.

On the 2nd day of Blogfest Asia, Mr Mark Aethen Agana made a little sharing of how to group the community forged online to offline community, Mark being one of the pioneer of Mindanao Bloggers Community successfully founded SoCCSKSargen Bloggers which hold the same underlying vision of the Mindanao Bloggers but on a different geographical level.

Image proudly hi-jacked from: Milniv
Here's what directly from the slideshow:

How to organize people?
  • Create a Vision
  • Organize a CORE GROUP
  • Plan
  • Invite, inspire and share
  • Meet offline
  • Sustain and nurture

  • Leadership
  • Active communication and discussion
  • Online and offline events
  • Meet ups (Plurkfiesta, photo trekking, food tour, etc.)
  • Foster family environment
  • Create networks
  • Online portal (website, Facebook, blogs)
He also mention that the main strategy to get funding is via sponsorship, bloggers with a strong community has the strength of delivering message to mass public. They can be the public relationship arm of the government or corporations. 

Why build community of bloggers?
  • Strong network of support groups
  • It enables us to effect change faster
    • in the way local governments run things...
    • in the way our communities are perceived by outsiders...
    • ... in educating people on reforms needed to care for a specific subejcts

6 Areas of Opportunities

  • Individual - Personal/Professional Development
  • Business - Promoting a blogging generation of internet-based techno/social entrepreneurship
  • Community - To become proactive citizens promoting the development of our community country and culture
  • National - Partnering with other blogging organizations & knowledge sharing
  • International - Share what we do and know
  • Media

Sam Hui shared something very interesting, he find that competition attract less people compare to some activities with good cause! Apparently Malaysian in general are not people with high competitive spirit eh? We are so used to the warm friendly community, and not even confrontational when we face certain problem. I must say that there's a lot of good people around, even though some of them doesn't look good but hey, they are good at heart and that's what counts right? 

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