Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Olivia Ong : You and Me lyrics

Taking a trip down memory lane
Things have changed One thing remains
That they will always have each other
And even though those days have gone
They know here is where they belong
Theres some kinda magic in the air

Feel the warmth
That only summer breezes can bring
Sweet little notes of spring begin
Nothing to fear

Taking one step at a time
Walking hand in hand
1 2 3 4
Cheek to cheek
And theyre learning How to do that dance
Let this love be forever more they say
I wish for this, to be true for you and me

Holding her close he leading the way
Out at the park Enjoying the Day
And you can tell theyll be ok
Feel the warmth
That only summer breezes can bring
Sweet little notes of spring begin
Nothing to fear

Taking one step at a time
Walking hand in hand
1 2 3 4
Cheek to cheek
And theyre learning How to do that dance
Let this love be forever more they say
I wish for this, to be true for you and me

Taking one step at a time
Walking hand in hand
1 2 3 4
Cheek to cheek
And theyre learning How to do that dance
Let this love be forever more they say
I wish for this, to be true for you and me
To be true for you and me
To be true for you and me
You and me
You and me

初恋红豆冰 主题曲 纯文艺的恋爱 歌词



作詞:陈绍安 作曲:陈绍安
編曲:伍冠諺 原唱:吴旺庆

*你是汹涌的海浪  我是疲惫的沙滩
暖暖的斜阳   吊在我们的肩膀

你用醉人的眼波  拴住恋爱的绳索
那么痴迷  那么绮丽

啊 我会慢慢的想起  几十年都不会忘记

重复 *@

轻轻的为你唱首歌   几十年的歌
靠在你的背后   紧紧握着你的右手

慢慢的教你写首诗   要你记着我的事

重复 @



Thursday, March 25, 2010

Revenge vs Karma: Who Shall Avenge The Vigilante?

Revenge, and you pay back twice of what you've took.
- lauyee

Brothers to hang for murder

SEREMBAN: Two brothers were sentenced to death by the High Court yesterday after they were found guilty of murdering rubber tapper Mohd Khairul Nizam Md Yusof 31/2 years ago.

Judicial commissioner Datuk Ahmad Nasfy Yasin handed down the sentence after he was satisfied that the defence had failed to raise a reasonable doubt in the prosecution's case. 


The family of the accused crying when   The accused (middle) payback with their
they heardthe sentence   lives, for avenging their molested sister
It's really a sad story,  to avenge their sister of 13 years old for molestation, they beat a guy to death, they took one life and they pay back with two, both married, with family. While I have no rights at all to comment on their action which literally take their head away, but I think instead of making their sister a happier person, they put her in grief. Personally I think that when something bad happen and you want to help a person out of their misery it's often the worst idea to suggest or to work on a revenge.

Revenge is usually an aggressive act of  frustration, usually without any well thought plan which leave you with no escape route when one's caught. Even if it's a well thought of revenge plan, we are human and our emotions sometimes lead us to mistakes which ultimately destroy ourselves. Moreover justice will always be against the vigilante, well they are someone who illegally punishes a criminal anyway!

Now that we know the civilized world governed by the corrupted lawmaker doesn't like the action vigilante, people should really stop taking justice into their own hand. Though it's easier said then done, but I believe that Karma will bite back when they least expect, and it hits a lot harder than any human can do, sometimes we just have to be patient and wait.

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Human vs Sinner (III) : Kantoi

Semalam I call you, you tak answer.
You kata you keluar pergi dinner. 
You kata you keluar dengan kawan you. 
But when I called Tommy he said it wasn't true. 

So I drove my car pergi Damansara. 
Tommy kata maybe you tengok bola. 
Tapi bila I sampai you, you tak ada. 
Lagilah I jadi gila. 

So I called and called sampai you answer. 
You kata sorry sayang tadi tak dengar. 
My phone was on silent, I was at the gym. 
Tapi latar belakang suara perempuan lain. 

Sudahlah sayang, I don't believe you. 
I've always known your words were never true. 
Why am I with you, I pun tak tahu. 
No wonderlah my friends pun tak suka you. 

So I guess that's the end of our story. 
Akhir kata she accepted his apology. 
Tapi last last kita dapat tahu she was cheating too. 
With her ex boyfriend's best friend - Tommy.

What a sad sad song, it seems to me that cheating is really something so common in today's relationship and it's the getting caught part that makes the difference. Guys have took for granted that their ladies will be staying at home faithful waiting for them to get home, wishful thinking like what Beyonce sings,

'Cause I know that she'd be faithful Waiting for me to come home, to come home
Not to paint the whole gender with the same color but we are human after all, and I believe that in this world now, if you are not fucking, you're being fucked. You might not want to cheat, that doesn't stop people from trying to get what they want, one slight mistake and there you go. However, don't fret! You ain't caught yet, by hook or by crook eliminate all evidences and move on if you really care that much for the relationship. Honest confession will get you no where, it's merely a transfer of burden to your significant (to be insignificant) others, transferring your guilt and remorse into his anger/disappointment, forgiveness is only possible when he's equally guilty of what he did but not telling.

Forgiving is nothing hard, especially when you know you're the one who need to ask for forgiveness, but forgetting is going to be really hard. Especially the why does it happen part...

Friday, March 19, 2010

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Monday, March 15, 2010

How to give a good advice?

There's no good advice; other than the one he gave himself.

- lauyee

Give someone your most sincere advice,  if he treat you as a person he respects, he'll say "hmm... quite true", prove to him with facts and figures, he'll agree with you, and then give you the BUT treatment! Frankly that doesn't at all frustrate me, all I can say is what I think best in the situation and what I would do, but am in no position to direct others decision.

However what get to my nerves the most is when they failed, they took your approach and it works they come back and tell you. Not about how thankful to your advice that it worked out, but when they failed they suddenly have this revelation about an alternative method that may work out and it did work out.

Trust me at this point of time the worst thing you could say is "I TOLD YOU SO!", they wouldn't believe it, they'll try to reaffirm themselves that what you told them was a different version from what they did. If someone can be certain that you actually did advised him about that matter, it will instantly break his ego. Instead of an "Oh yea? Thanks man!" expect an "Ahh WHATEVER!".

Ain't it funny that this is almost always the situation for me when I'm giving my dad any kind of business advice? Pride, is such a deadly sin!

Friday, March 12, 2010

Sinner vs Human (II) Jack Neo et al. vs Irene Kng

You can consider this a continuation from the post: Sinner vs Human

They were humans, one a bright and beautiful model, the other one a great comedian turn director who knows the right formula to make a person laugh. They were humans, of bright future, until March 2010, when Jack Neo's extramarital relationship with Wendy Chong was exposed.

It is hurtful to love a sinner, it was way easier to love a man, a human even though she found out about the extramarital relationship one year before it was expose by the media, she forgive him, and see him as a human rather then a sinner, because that was the easiest way out for her, she loves his husband as a man he is, she chooses to see the good side and not the bad side. However the press force her to look into the matter, exposing her husband sins in public media, forcing her to face the truth, forcing her to love a sinner. Now who is more cruel? The one committing the sinners who committed the sins or the press who press her so hard? Should we determine what's best for someone else? Or should we let them decide for themselves?

You can consider this a continuation from the post: Sinner vs Human

Monday, March 08, 2010

Saving the Earth?

The PLANET is fine. The PEOPLE are fucked.

- George Carlin

Seriously who are we trying to fool anyway? Save the planet (about 61,400,000 search results)! The earth is sick (about 38,800,000 search results)! The earth is dying (about 18,900,000 search results)! The world is coming to an end (about 259,000,000 search results)! Also the ultimate how long has the earth got left (about 537,000,000 search results)!!
The search result quoted in the above paragraph are as at 9:56PM GMT 08/03/2010 using www.google.com.

All we want is to save our ass from, apparently, the surface of the earth! Wrath of god, the Armageddon, the end of the world, regardless of how we call it, the earth is going to be fine, after the terrible "end of the world". The earth will move on, we wouldn't! Compare to the earth our civilization is way younger then their existence of  4.54 billion years (4.54 × 109 years ± 1%), if the earth sure know how to get rid of the creatures when he doesn't need or like them anymore. He'll just crack his mouth open and swallow them, pressure cook them till they are burnt and solve the energy problem for them coming intelligent being evolved or maybe landed.

For fuck sake, we can't even trace back and have a mutual agreement on how we are here now. Darwin's theory of human evolution were (and still is) heavily criticized by religious people who believe that human are created, by a higher order, god(s). Of course, me being me, I wouldn't fully believe in science either, since if we blindly believe in science, it would be of no difference from religion, as though we are treating the founder of the theory as the prophet. However I still think that creation myth is rather disgusting, taking the most well known myth of Adam and Eve from the Islam, Judaism and Christianity for example, God created Adam, molding him in his own image, and using the rib of Adam to create Eve. In short they share the same Father and worse off, I wonder if it's a God's joke that he made them husband and wife. That's like fucking his own rib! Imagine we human actually started because a man fuck his own rib and multiply, having his sons fucking his daughters, and we are product of such immorally incest practice. Not trying to be a saint, but it's FUCKING DISGUSTING!

Well thank goodness I'm a Chinese,
It is rather striking that, aside from this one myth, China – perhaps alone among the major civilizations of antiquity – has no real story of creation. This situation is paralleled by what we find in Chinese philosophy, where, from the very start, there is a keen interest in the relationship of man to man and in the adjustment of man to the physical universe, but relatively little interest in cosmic origins.

Why should we beautify our lies when we urge people to recycle, to go green to not litter and create excessive waste? Can't we just admit that we are selfish creature and thus change our claims to "We want a clean habitat!", "Save the Humans!", "Save ourselves!", "The human are dying!", "The population is decreasing!", "We don't want to pay those labor worker in the landfill with our tax money!". If we are to make a change for the better good of man kind, start by being a little bit more honest to ourselves, and not telling lies to our children, tell them no the world is not dying, we are, so enjoy while it last, so long as you keep the house clean!

Thursday, March 04, 2010

Sinner vs Human

The difference between a sinner and a human, one was caught committing their sin, the other haven't!
How many times have you heard people saying, "We are human after all" or "I'm only human" or any variety bearing the same meaning? Let's face it though, we would always want to portray ourselves as clean, innocent, civilized human being, pretty much everyone commit necessary sins one way or another, and we justify our own actions by concluding that it's a normal human lust. To be very honest I know I do, and it is very convenient to do so, so long as you're with the majority, you can use that excuse every single time, and as we can observe, there are always more loser then winner (of course not to say that sinners are losers), why else do you think Liverpool use "We'll never walk alone" as their slogan?

"If you search deep enough we all have our sins" - Morgan, Criminal Minds, S2E15

That, though coming from a series, is what I think a universal truth. We can hide our sins from the eye of public but when we are alone or when we think no one around there knows us, we'll be acting quite differently. According to wikipedia lust is what make God kills the kitten, and you usually do that when you're alone, when someone found out, you can always say "I'm only human" then point them to the image below, and proudly say, google found 2,320 websites who said so in 0.21 seconds, so don't tell me otherwise, I read it from the internet so it must be true!

Don't let those judgmental eyes fool you! They only call you a sinner because they discover your's before you discover their's. Everyone is normal until you get to know them, if I may add, get to know them really well. They might not reveal their sin to you right when you know them, and if you did that before they do you just committed the deadliest sin, what I call the 8th deadly sin, Idiocy.

My deadliest sin? A good mix of Sloth and Lust, that's why the internet call me a quickie.
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