Monday, December 13, 2010

Positive Thinking vs Wishful Thinking!

My friends who know me will always tell me that I'm not positive enough, I don't have a positive mind set and what not. They might be true, seriously, I'm not an advocate for positive thinking, and religion for a similar reason, though their aim is noble, a lot of people are misled by people who use the original teachings for their own good. Which lead to a lot of people to practice the teachings wrongly!

I've met a few people who are genuinely positive, who can look at a situation from a positive perspective. They look at a situation and instead of thinking how it had adversely impact them, they look at how it might positively affect them. Then they walk towards the brighter direction, it is a very simple change of thought, but it take practice to make it a habit. Positive thinking in this context is healthy, because it will lead a person to a happier life and usually a happy person is a successful person. 

Here are a few example of Wishful Thinking and how it is different from Positive Thinking:
Wishful Thinking: I'm going to get [insert the luxury that you desire] in future!
Positive Thinking: I like [insert the luxury that you desire], how am I going to get it, and what I can do to get it?
Negative Thinking: Given my current condition, it will never be mine!

Wishful Thinking: I'm going to get well soon!
Positive Thinking: I'll feel better if I stop thinking about how sick I am, how am I recover faster?
Negative Thinking: I'm feeling so sick!

Wishful Thinking: She'll be mine!
Positive Thinking: I like her, and if it feels right we will be together!
Negative Thinking: She's too good for me!

Wishful Thinking: I've lost my wallet, but they will be found!
Positive Thinking: I've lost something, but I've learn a lesson, and I should work harder to earn back what I've lost!
Negative Thinking: I've lost my wallet! Everything is so important inside! I need to do so much to get them back!

Wishful Thinking: This business is the next big thing!
Positive Thinking: This business is going to work if I'm working it right!
Negative Thinking: Well that's the plan, if it works!

The wishful thinker will form their belief and make decision base on what please their future image, without reference to evidence, rationality or reality. On the other hand, the Oxford English Dictionary defines optimism, or positive thinking, as having "hopefulness and confidence about the future or successful outcome of something; a tendency to take a favorable or hopeful view." Unlike wishful thinking, they are more realistic in nature, and hence their decision will be more reliable, and the possibility of them being successful are usually higher.

To be blunt, the wishful thinking people are living in their own bubble, and if they meet someone who have the same bubble, they merge and grow, and if they meet someone with a needle, they burst, bleed and fall, sometimes fatally. Wish and you shall receive is, at least to me, downright superstitious. Wish, work and you shall receive, is however true, and having an optimistic mind, helps increase your productivity and push you for the extra miles that separate you from your competitors.
The pessimist sees difficulty in every opportunity. The optimist sees the opportunity in every difficulty.
- Winston Churchill
So let's start practicing positive thinking in the right way!

Sunday, December 05, 2010

Time is but a Marking

Time is but a marking of what happen and what might happen in life. If one said one needed time, it simply means one haven't mark what will happen definitely.
- lauyee
In simpler words, if you are determined to do something, time would not be much of a problem. That includes if you are dying the next day, harsh but true. If you are dying tomorrow, are you sure you will waste your time reading some blog post about how precious time is? It is instinctive that you will mark your life with actions or decisions of what you deem worthy, spend your time the way you wanted most. However, the bummer is that, for better or worse, we do not know for sure when we will be dying.
It is interesting to note that Google can tell you local time of most cities, but they couldn't get a definition of time in English. According to Wikipedia, time is described as
Time is a part of the measuring system used to sequence events, to compare the durations of events and the intervals between them, and to quantify the motions of objects.
Wikipedia also pointed out that defining time in a non-controversial manner applicable to all fields of study has consistently eluded the greatest scholars. Such a confusing concept for a word that we use, sometimes a little too much, especially when we are looking for excuses not to make certain decision. Say when you ask someone if they want to go to certain place for a holiday, and they tell you they do not have time, or they need more time to think or plan about it. That is just an escape for them not to make the decision, an excuse for them not to mark their future time with definite certainty that they will go to the holiday. If you ask why, the answer is definitely because it is not important enough for them to mark their life with the said holiday, or maybe it was the person asking. To that person, better alternative may surface in the future or there are option that they need weigh, and definitely what you proposed is not attractive enough for them to mark it as what will happen definitely.

Time is a mark, on a linear line, what happened are marked, and it's named history; what might happen or will happen will be marked, and would be history once it was marked. You can never mark in certainty in advance, but you could however promise to definitely mark it as you reach the point in life, and it is such promise that we call future. Although there might be possibility that time has more than one dimensions, until the other dimension cross path with the current one, it is best to assume we can only mark a moment once, and since it is so precious that you do not get to remark it again on the same line, it should be a present that you present to the present, and make it memorable whenever possible.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

True Story!! Use Facebook to Earn Side Income!!

If you reach here while doing your research for various facebook direct marketing program, you've come to the discouraging page. However hold your horses if you want to criticize the lack of research done before I start to write about this. I hold no grudges with the facebook direct marketing scheme or some call them scam, and I totally understand that in the business world, all gain come from someone else losses, directly or indirectly.

I can totally understand why some high school and college students, housewives or retiree are into this kind of direct marketing scheme, in which three (3) of the main contributing factors are:
  1. Too much time on hand
  2. Too little money to spend
  3. They can easily build network, especially people with condition 1 and 2
What I can't fathom is why are those people in their mid-20s and 30s into this kind of scheme. It is true that network/direct marketing is one of the best way to generate income. It is at it most basic form an advertisement or marketing effort for the product that you genuinely tested and believe in, and you earn a percentage as commission. It is simple to operate, simple to duplicate, in a perfect world this is more then a dream come true! Think about how often we refer someone to something that we are using and we didn't even get any monetary benefit from our referral! Now, don't get so excited just yet and think again, if they are offering a commission and the commission can make people rich, what does that means? Either the product that they offer are insanely overpriced or you will have to sell a huge volume. In which the former is usually the case, and after you get the product in your hand, look at it and tell me do you really need those product? Okay we do buy stuff that we don't need everyday anyway, that's the mon(k)ey circle, so long as you think the product is worth what you pay, why not?

Now now, let's get back to facebook, I really couldn't recall when it started, but there's an increasing trend of people misusing photo tagging to promote their product and the promoter of Infinity Downline are among the bunch who did that. Tagging photo of nicely arranged cash and put catchy caption like, "Earn by logging into Facebook", "Start earning side income by using facebook!", "RM100 to start your own business" and their variation. 
Some people call it an income redistribution model, most people call it pyramid scheme, and some call it the most creative business model. Just don't get confused with the great Ponzi Scam! The original scam, plotted by Charles K Ponzi in the 1920’s was an operation wherein older investors earned money literally by sitting down and doing nothing thanks to the influx of money invested by newer members. Their model are totally different, and people usually get confused because the business have the same fatality factor, once the market is too saturated, and new investors stop investing, the model breaks. Get real people! Even traditional business have the same fatality!

Is Infinity Downline a Scam?

Doesn't seems much like me discouraging the scheme/scam eh? Did you notice one thing that separate the people earning from such scheme and the people who don't? Remember how you even start researching for such scheme? THEY WORK! Those people who earn from the system work (for) the system! They post photo on facebook, some on craiglist, ebay, twitter, blogs etc. There are nothing wrong about the system, they provide service, they charge, the people who need the service join. However above the simple system is the facade of lucrative residual income by not doing anything much. The one who earn from the system often oversell the facade, and not much is said about the product! Okay, think back, further back, what was the motivation factor that make you start researching about such scheme? Greed! You don't want to work! You lazy people (I actually wanted to type bastards but oh well, just in case you're too sensitive) who want an easy way out!

Stop fantasizing that by logging into facebook you can earn a fortune! Freaking get disconnected, focus on your work and make a living using your talent! If you have a talent in making people believe in such fantasy and you want to make a good living out of it, go write a fiction! There's a reason why J.K. Rolling is a billionaire!

If you want to dig further about how the system work you can go to Infinity Downline official website, in which I will not provide the link. If you want to see some review I'd recommend that you read through Infinity Downline System Members Won’t Be Retiring Early! especially the comments. Another recommended read is 5 MLM MYTHS, in which the author smartly ride on the trend of Infinity Downline frenzy and farmed some great traffic to make a ads income. For a more neutral view try, THE GREAT DEBATE – IS INFINITY DOWNLINE A SCAM? , by a self-proclaim, making money online guy.

My one last word (or perhaps phrase),

Monday, November 15, 2010

Happy Birthday to Me! Y2010

26 years ago, I came with nothing, along the way I bring pain and pleasure to the people I meet. I'm very glad that along the way I've found some really really good friend. Thank you all very very much! All wishes well received!
I've been called so many names, the obvious lauyee,  and it's variations like lauyee[insert more e], laoyee, laoyi, lauyi, lau e, lau ee, lao eh, lau eh, lao jiao, 老姨,老一,老易(sound similar to lauyee in Mandarin),老二(sound similar to lauyee in Cantonese), aunty, uncle, lao uncle, handsome, bro, dude, peng you and last but not least en yee (lim peh's original name printed on the I/C, girly I know).

So many wishes, covering, health, wealth, relationship and general well being. Thank you all for the wishes, and may all my friends who I keep close, and enemies who I keep even closer (if there exist any) and family be blessed with good health, fortune and love.

Thank you to all the friends who posted ($p@m if you use Leet Speak) on my facebook wall, sms and even called. All wishes are much appreciated, and you guys and gurls knowing me (or at least now you should know) that I am lazy, so even if I did not reply, all wishes are well received and appreciated. Thank you.

Special thanks to my drinking buddies, for the joint birthday celebration in Black and White. Sorry to arrive late as usual, trying to make a dynamic entrance mah!
Missing in the picture are our photographer
Alex Tan and Michelle Hoo
 (who?) who is sleeping in the background

Special in lack of better word thanks to my bros and their beloved significant others (hopefully soon spouse) for the seriously surprised celebration in De Crystal. Not missing out the new friend that I don't really know, yeh yeh.

Lacking better vocabulary to convey my appreciation, all I can say is
and to all the friends (well because I know my family wouldn't read this) that I had troubled throughout the year(s), I sincerely apologize, and I will shamelessly trouble you guys again when I need to. To the people who I had made laugh, smirk or even just a smile before, keep that smile on your face, you people look better when you are happy.

Last but not least, Happy Birthday to my dearest lauyee, I know you are not the best guy alive, but I know you have a dream, and I wish that your dream will come true in the near future. For the time being bear with it, I know Ipoh can be boring, but life goes on and hard earned money are sweetest to spent.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Choosing the Right Comedy

What's better then a joke? Watching a professional comedian performing those joke live! You can read joke from internet, watch comedy movie or even watch live comedy from youtube but nothing beat being in a comedy club where you can listen to those witty jokes and most importantly you can laugh uncontrollably without looking weird! Having a good laugh is getting increasingly important especially in this stressful world, where everyone work so hard to buy what they want, what they need just to realize that they don't really want what they want and doesn't really need what they thought they need. Weird world eh?

Types of Comedy

This is really really important especially if you're going to comedy clubs with your date. Comedy is like food, every one will have different flavor and it's hard to force someone to laugh to some joke they don't like, or worse of, couldn't understand. Although it could be fun to experiment something new but you at least look through the list of comedian to get an idea of the type of comedy they perform. Trust me it's nothing fun being the only one not getting the joke and still have to laugh with everyone else. So here's a list of comedy genre that you may come across, nicely tabulated courtesy of wikipedia!

TypeDescriptionFamous comedians/comedy shows
Black comedy or dark comedy
Black comedy deals with disturbing subjects such as death, drugs, terrorism, rape, and war. Some dark comedy is similar to the horror movie genre. Television examples include Brass Eye.
Comedy based on sexism, racism and homophobic views, often using sexual jokes and profane language words.
Character comedy derives humor from a persona invented by a performer. Much character comedy comes from stereotypes.
Improvisational (sometimes shortened to improv) comics rarely plan out their routines. Prime examples of this kind of comic can be seen on the television shows Curb Your Enthusiasm, Whose Line Is It Anyway? and Thank God You're Here.
Observational comedy pokes fun at everyday life, often by inflating the importance of trivial things or by observing the silliness of something that society accepts as normal.
Differing from traditional punchline jokes which features many other forms of comedy such as Observation, Satire, Surrealism, Slapstick and Improvisation
Somewhat similar to slapstick, this form of comedy uses physical movement and gestures. Physical comedy is often influenced by clowning.
Comedy that relies on ridiculous props, casual jackets or everyday objects used in humorous ways.
Surreal humour is a form of humor based on bizarrejuxtapositions, absurd situations, and nonsense logic.
Deadpan comedy
Not strictly a style of comedy. Telling jokes without a change in face expression or change in emotion
Topical comedy/Satire
Topical comedy relies on headlining/important news and current affairs. It dates quickly, but is a popular form of comedy for late night talk shows.
Wit and word play are more intellectual forms of comedy based on clever, often subtle manipulation of language (though puns can be crude and farcical).
Insult comedy is a form of comedy which consists mainly of offensive insults directed at the performer's audience and/or other performers.
A comedy of embarrassment, in which the humour comes from inappropriate actions or words. Usually popular in television shows and film, but occasionally in stand-up as well.

How to Choose?

You arn't serious are you? That's like you asking your girl what does she want for dinner, she'll first say up to you, then she'll say that your suggestion is boring then you'll challenge her to suggest something smarter, which she'll again say up to you and the loop repeat until, in most cases settled for the first place you suggested. Don't put me in those shoes can you?

Of course you need to have an understanding of your date's preference, I'm pretty sure you've cracked some joke to her before, or at least tried your best to. Choose a live comedy type she like! If you din't know, you're probably not giving her the attention she deserve, you bad boy!

Always do your homework too! You can easily check out the list of comedian on the day and if they are good enough there bound to be fancam video on youtube. Ain't no rocket science right? Don't watch too much just yet though! Watch just enough to get a rough idea, well much like watching a movie trailer before deciding which movie to go to.

For people who are living in the UK they are lucky enough to have Highlight Venue which have venues around London and other major cities in the UK! They have over 1,200 hilarious comedians at all 10 fantastic venues across the UK. You can eat, drink and laugh your heart out in Highlight Comedy Club!

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Factors Affecting Value of Information

Profit margin from trading activities, regardless of commodity is largly affected by the information available on that commodity. Basically a merchant, a businessman who trades in commodities that he did not produce himself, in order to earn a profit, earn from information they have that put them in a competitive edge against their competitor. The more people know the information they have the less profit they are going to make.
Photograph courtesy of Daniel Bersak

Let's look at some example!

Example 1: The Stock Trader

A stock trader or a stock investor is an individual or firm who buys and sells stocks or bonds (and possibly other financial assets) in the financial markets.
Every piece of information would affect the stock price, by different degree, depending on the value of information. The stock trader with the more valuable information can gain more from the market. Say a stock trader found out a small player in the NASDAQ are going to be acquire by tech giant, which in usual case the target company will have an increase in share price. IF he manage to find out about that without much people knowing about the acquisition, and he manage to do it without crossing the violating the insider trading provision, he can easily profit from the market. Of course that is an extreme analogy, by providing the obvious example, however, if you take a close look. That is how the stock brokerage firm or even financial news publisher (online or offline) make money, day in day and they out, they dig (or some create) news that will affect the market and sell them for a value.

Example 2: Merchant

A merchant is a businessman who trades in commodities that he did not produce himself, in order to earn a profit.
Trust me, which ever industry you are in, information is king, when it comes to increasing your profit margin! That's the key factor that affect your bargaining power, of course sometimes with a very good bluff. Being a retailer, an agent or owner of a trading company, one benefit from their customer because they hold vital information of where to source for certain items that is valuable to their customer. Essentially, ceteris paribus, a retailer with many supplier are able to purchase an item with cheaper price compare to their competitor, which lead to higher profit margin. With the same mechanism, a trader who can source for something customers perceive to be valuable will gain an competitive edge, or in extreme cases monopoly the market.

Why do you think fortune telling is such a compelling subject? The elimination of uncertainty in a decision making process is very valuable to decision makers. Come take wild guess of what's the main factor in elimination of uncertainty. Yes, it's information! With information, one can make better decision, avoid wastage and increase their profit margin. Now that we know the power of information, so what affect the value of information? This will not be a complete list, because the variable in affecting the value of information is just too much!

Key Factor Affecting Value of Information (CARE)


The source of information is a key factor in affecting the value of information, logically an information from a credible source will hold more value, compared to hearsay or myth passed around. However the factor affecting the credibility of the source of information is a tough call, for more information on creditability judgment check out Information Triage: Factors Affecting Credibility Judgments of Web-Based Resources by Paul Aumer-Ryan. Under logical circumstance, the information that you obtain from your professor will be more credible and more value able, because of their experience and level of respect given. On the other hand a best selling author will gain their credibility backed by the sales figure of their books, and in some cases their experience in the subject that they are writing about. For example, Paris Hilton writing about producing home made porn. A piece of information that come from a credible source will usually cost more for you to obtain the information. The main reason being the certainty the information holds, the more uncertainty your information help you to clear, the more valuable the information is.


A piece of information lose information as it passes on, with more people having that information, it loses its value. Different people have different level of access to information, the people who hold the vital information will have the choice of passing on the information or not, and also the choice of passing it to who and the volume of audience he's passing to. With that being said, basically any information that you can easily available on the internet are not as valuable as information shared among a small group of people. Which is why websites fight with each other to get higher SERP ranking, and they can be sure that if their information are valuable, the value will diminish very quickly, because they decide to share the information available with a large, uncontrollable group of people. For example if you are the only one with the leaked information of iPhone4 prototype and you share it on your blog, you will be getting insane traffic if you know how to promote your blog. This is also one of the reason why one of the most important SEO advice is to always generate contents that is valuable to your audience.


Anything that is not relevant will hold small or immaterial value to the target audience, sometimes even negative value. Telling the wheelchair bound group of people how to play football (or soccer) will be deem valueless and an insult to them and cause a negative effect. The larger the impact of the information the more valuable the information will be. Say the sex tape of some beggar in a dark alley will affect no one, except maybe the audience getting disturbed by the scene, hence that short clip will barely have any value. If the hero or heroine of the act are someone of respectable status, it will tarnish their career, marriage and personal image that they build. The information will be invaluable to them, their competitor and someone who are connected to the main cast, to the rest of the world, it is but another sex act, easily downloadable from the internet. If the main cast involves a celebrity, it might be of value to more people because of curiosity and the relativity of the movie to the person who want to obtain the information. The possessor of the information can also sell the information back to the originator, asking for a fee of their non-disclosure!


Taking the iPhone4 example from availability of information, someone who use that information more effectively can easily gain more from the information! Method of information distribution is an important factor in determining the efficiency of the information use. Some would distribute the information to a niche group of people, charging high premium, because they know that the information is valuable to the people their customer. On the other hand, some will distribute the information to a large group of people, earning a small price for the information. For example a blog with high readership can gain from ads if they release the leaked information because of the ads revenue generated from their traffic; alternatively they can sell the information to the party who are interested and willing to pay a small fortune for the information.

Like I've said earlier, the list would be endless! There are simply too much factor that will affect the value of information, however if you smartly manipulate the CARE key factors, you can increase the value of information that you hold! Just pay close attention to decision you make in using the information! My sincere advice is to stop hurting the market by providing information that does not benefit you. Consumers now are wise in collecting information not to mention that they are getting better in bluffing! Stand firm on your ground if you think that the information that you are trading for have more value that the customer is offering! If you think that your competitor will gladly cut your profit for you if you don't cut them yourself, you are just not being innovative and constantly relying on old information to sustain your business.

P/S: In very rare occasion that I actually come up with something educational, and original! I have no intention of making this a serious topic, but it's hard to make a point across in a comical tone. Hats off to the stand up comedian that manage to incorporate serious matter in their number. Oh I've also been writing while consuming my beers so take it with a pinch of salt, and blame me not for any screw up!

PP/S: If you bother to read until here, why not leave a comment to let me know what you think? Thanks!

Sunday, October 03, 2010

Organising people in the cyber and real world?

Journalism is just not my passion, I prefer to eat the data and turn them into information, or some say eat the information and turn them into bullshit, but it's fun to try new things.

On the 2nd day of Blogfest Asia, Mr Mark Aethen Agana made a little sharing of how to group the community forged online to offline community, Mark being one of the pioneer of Mindanao Bloggers Community successfully founded SoCCSKSargen Bloggers which hold the same underlying vision of the Mindanao Bloggers but on a different geographical level.

Image proudly hi-jacked from: Milniv
Here's what directly from the slideshow:

How to organize people?
  • Create a Vision
  • Organize a CORE GROUP
  • Plan
  • Invite, inspire and share
  • Meet offline
  • Sustain and nurture

  • Leadership
  • Active communication and discussion
  • Online and offline events
  • Meet ups (Plurkfiesta, photo trekking, food tour, etc.)
  • Foster family environment
  • Create networks
  • Online portal (website, Facebook, blogs)
He also mention that the main strategy to get funding is via sponsorship, bloggers with a strong community has the strength of delivering message to mass public. They can be the public relationship arm of the government or corporations. 

Why build community of bloggers?
  • Strong network of support groups
  • It enables us to effect change faster
    • in the way local governments run things...
    • in the way our communities are perceived by outsiders...
    • ... in educating people on reforms needed to care for a specific subejcts

6 Areas of Opportunities

  • Individual - Personal/Professional Development
  • Business - Promoting a blogging generation of internet-based techno/social entrepreneurship
  • Community - To become proactive citizens promoting the development of our community country and culture
  • National - Partnering with other blogging organizations & knowledge sharing
  • International - Share what we do and know
  • Media

Sam Hui shared something very interesting, he find that competition attract less people compare to some activities with good cause! Apparently Malaysian in general are not people with high competitive spirit eh? We are so used to the warm friendly community, and not even confrontational when we face certain problem. I must say that there's a lot of good people around, even though some of them doesn't look good but hey, they are good at heart and that's what counts right? 

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

我还是我 黄明志 歌词

我还是我 黄明志

我的名字 叫明志 这个只我介绍方式
从小老师 就认为我是想要惹事
我热爱文字 我讨厌公式 我不想面对考试

我的思考方式 没有人能够抑制
大人都固执的怪我固执 不懂事
我明白 待人处事都有 它的模式
但不代表 全部人都要变成孔子

十五岁 那年初 我染上音乐的毒
我透过音符 来降低我内心的无助
我学习美术 但依然无法醒悟
是孤独创造梵谷 还是梵谷创造孤独

中学毕业后 华人得自求多福
挥挥衣袖 我决定到台湾留宿
爸爸妈妈不要担心 我不会辜负
等我读完书 一定会回到归属

我会好好过 我必须好好过
想家的时候 我就打开电脑拼的创作
墙壁上的大马国旗 是我的寄托
床头的那张全家福 总是让我振作

一个人 在外国 要独立生活
我做过很多工作 我面对很多数落
无论在辛苦 还有音乐陪着我
我理想没有变 因为我 还是我

我有我自己的梦 自己会走
请原谅我的冲动 我会好好过
不怕暴雨狂风 将我淹没
就算旅途在颠簸 我不能回头

2007年 那是个迟来的夏天
改编国歌事件 让我人生从此改变
透过网际网络 我闯了祸
有人 说我叛国 有人 想干掉我
有人 说不让我回国
政客趁机出头 媒体还配合炒作

谣言越来越多 让人陷入惶恐
甚至 还有人把偷渡路线图 Send给我
爸爸妈妈 对不起 不要难过
墙壁上的国旗 我从来没有拆过
我破了千万点 也上了各大版面
有人喜欢有人讨厌 面临舆论考研
我的故事 被文学家 写进了书
我的脸 还被人画成了 卡通人物

再多褒与贬 都已经时过境迁
毕业后的我 决定勇敢面对误解
我用陆路 交通跨越六个国度
拍摄记录 沿途上的惊险 和领悟

一步步 很艰苦 终于回到大马领土
被拍照 被访问 还被叫到警察总部
虽然 你们把我 当成公众人物
但我必须稳住 要保持个人创作元素

我有我自己的梦 自己会走
请原谅我的冲动 我会好好过
不怕暴雨狂风 将我淹没
就算旅途在颠簸 我不能回头

有人说 我的作品荼毒青年思想
有人说 我的头脑都在胡思乱想
说我乱讲 说我是社会毒瘤发痒
还怪我 变成他儿子的偶像

面对攻击 我早就已经习惯
保持沉默微笑 是我最好的答案
装模作样 从来就不是我的强项
但我出门逛逛 却要为伪装装

我的email 每天都有人来 诉苦
但我爱莫能助因为我不是 政府
你们来我Facebook 鼓励我 诋毁我
我不删除 因为那是言论论自由净土

我想要让你听见 让你看见
我想说的话 我的电影 和我的音乐
徘徊尺度边缘 自由自在的畅所欲言
那是主流媒体 永远看不到的世界
我站在不同的角度 我不会停下脚步
这条思路 是老天送给我的礼物
你说我糊涂 你甚至想要把我说服
对不起 我还是我 那就是我的态度

在Kuala Lumpur 开始了新的生活
这里人潮汹涌 马路坑坑洞洞
一不小心 我可能会在这里失控
这条路很难走 但我已近没有回头

我还是我 我还是我
我还是我 我还是我

我有我自己的梦 自己会走
请原谅我的冲动 我会好好过
不怕暴雨狂风 将我淹没
就算旅途在颠簸 我不能回头

我还是我 yeah~
我还是我 yeah~


但是我必须拜服与他的创作能力!我第一次听见黄明志的歌曲,第一句就是“我不是Hip Hop Kaki” 但是他的态度与音乐远远超越了许多的Hip Hop Wannabe。

给Namewee的话(just in case 你到此一游):

Thursday, September 02, 2010

FYI We DO Worship King Kong!

Stumble upon this video on Facebook, which interestingly turns into a multimedia sharing and ad spamming site of late. Let me start off by saying, I'm a Chinese, yellow skin, small eyes, mixed up l and r sound, and typically Chinese. I'm religious confused, sometimes practicing Taoism, sometimes Buddhist and most of the time doubting if they ever existed. Not just my own religion but others alike, don't categorize me as an atheist, I'm at most a free thinker. Like one of my friend told me, dude you're just buying insurance, you doubt their existence, and wouldn't believe that none of them exist. Maybe it's true that sometimes, I wish there's this superficial force up there looking down guiding me through my life, and I'm just part of their master plan.

Well, let's get back to the video, his ignorance about Chinese culture and religion aside, that's quite a good speech I'd say. Although he's quite narrow minded with his speech, with all the bashing on the Chinese religious practice, it make sense, since there are so many mosque of different races, why not a Chinese mosque? If we can have Chinese churches that's bashing the Taoism and Buddhism the same way all over the country, why not a Chinese mosque? Does those so called original Muslim see Chinese as a threat?

When some Chinese wanted to join them, they are afraid that the Chinese will corrupt their holy religion? If they are not ready to accept new brothers and sisters with welcoming arms, what do they expect those people to do? They will start misunderstanding the Islamic teachings and there's where trouble comes in. If I am not mistaken, China where the Chinese come from is one of the channel Islam is bring into Malaysia!

Living in a multiracial country, with dominant religion on the majority of each races, the best we can do is of course respect others' religion. Coming from different religion background, we might agree or disagree that there exist only one god, and HE the greatest of all beings. Why not just spread the teachings without damaging the other religions?

Why must there be a continuity of the holy war, no offense but why haven't anyone take a deep thought and think that religion could be a political scam. A well staged act with GOOD intention to lead the people. Some well passed myth or stories that satisfy the security needs of the people in the era the religion first started. After all religion is but a set of conditions to gain invisible return, and you can't argue otherwise. If there exist prophets back then, why prophets stop showing up now?

Accept the fact that all religions are different then you'll start seeing their similarity. It all bears good intention, telling people not to do bad things, the condition to receive the invisible love, is to love!

Matter of fact, we do worship King Kong!
四大金刚, which is dubbed The Four Great Guard or
Big Four King Kong

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

陀飞轮 陈奕迅 歌词

陈奕迅 陀飞轮
作曲:Vincent Chow   填词:黄伟文
编曲:Gary Tong   监制:Alvin Leong

[MV 字幕] 孩子的一天很快过去

一年却转眼过去[MV 字幕完毕]


我的美酒 跑车 相机 金表也 讲究
用我尚有换我没有其实已 用尽所拥有


就算搏到伯爵那地位 和萧邦的隽永
卖了任性日拼夜拼 忘掉了为甚麽高兴

人值得 命中减少几秒多买一只表
秒速 捉得紧了
为何用到尽了 至知哪样紧要

记住那 关於光阴的教训
回头走 天已暗
你献出了十寸 时和分

还剩低 几多心跳
人面跟 水晶表面对照
连自己亦都分析不了 得到多与少

计划了照做了得到了时间却太少 no~



[MV 字幕] 一天过去 一年又过去
一切消失影踪[MV 字幕完毕]


陀飞轮(法语:Tourbillon)是由法国著名钟表大师宝玑(Abraham Louis Breguet)于1795年发明,是机械钟表机芯中的一个装置。陀飞轮装置的设计本身是用于怀表之上,因为怀表垂直的放在口袋中,或挂在颈上时,地心引力会影响摆轮摇摆速度,引致出现误差。陀飞轮的原理基本上是把游丝、叉式杠杆和擒纵系统设计在同一轴上运作,陀飞轮在运行时会不断旋转,以减少地心引力所做成的影响。但随着二十世纪手表的兴起,由于手表并非长时间垂直放置,因此陀飞轮装置对手表的作用已经没有怀表那么大,但陀飞轮装置极其复杂,而且由于制作成本及工艺的要求相当高,因此陀飞轮变成了高档手表的代名词。近年,中国多间钟表厂如海鸥及上海等,成功自行研制陀飞轮机芯,使得平民化的陀飞轮手表出现。

Sunday, July 11, 2010

My ONE Malaysia Story

Every good story should start with once upon a time and ends with happily ever after.

Now that we are living together, well not really, but rather happily so let me tell you a story that was told to me once upon a time...

Once upon a time there's this Golden Peninsula that is ruled by the ancient empire of Langkasuka. Repeatedly invaded by different people who flee from empires, some leaders name themselves king, and rule over the land that they resides and multiply . Some manage to pass their legacy down to modern day. Separated by their difference in cultures and traditions, influenced by the traders from China, India and Middle East, it's a truly beautiful peninsula rich with cultural buildings, various arts and most importantly resources. This inevitably attracts the devils who wanted the spices and gems but refuse to pay for them. Using what my text book called "tipu helah" which means tricks and trickery the company manage to control a number of local kings, appointing governors or advisers, controlling their country and render the kings puppets, restricting their rights only to religion and customs affair.

During the industrial age Chinese shipped in their own labor to work as tin miner and Indian were brought here to work in the rubber estate and the Earth Prince were the happy citizen. Now no wonder Bukit Bendera Umno division chief Ahmad Ismail refer to the yellow skinned community as squatters, and Sungai Rapat representative, Hamidah Osman (Umno) referring the dark skinned community snakes. However why they grant the citizenship to those people which they would later refer to as squatter or snakes in the first place, was it merely for the convenience of to dissolve Malayan Union?

After years of negotiation and due to the change of various political and technological factors, we've grown stronger, closer and under the leadership of an earth prince leader, we manage to obtain our independence, and even merged with the government across the South China Sea to form the Malaysia as we know, well disregarding the 2 short years that Singapore were with the federation.

Once an old man told me, our country was build on the land of the earth prince, with the money from the squatters and the sweat of the snakes. Not exactly wise words, I'd say. However through thick and thin we defend this federation, from claims of land made by neighboring countries. After a wave of bloodless war, we come to agree on a pact that was said to be able to settle our differences. A policy that would increase proportionally the share of the economic "pie" of the earth prince as compared to other ethnic groups.

Some earth prince who wasn't that capable aren't happy with the policy, they said that the war refugees who came in to their land and build upon it shouldn't have a share in their wealth, as if there were any if they do not know how to use them. They press the 'intruders' with nonsensicle rules, but a handful of wise squatters and snakes manage to bend and twist the rules and end up showering themselves with gold.

Those earth prince become really uneasy and continues to use various plans to separate the rich squatters and snakes with the poor squatters and snakes, making the rich richer and the poor poorer. Those who are in between work hard until they start to think and grow rich or literally die trying. Of course there are always whiners in any community, some squatters and snake only know how to complain about the fairness of the system and doesn't know how to make good use of the situation.

However, it is never a rare scene to see the earth prince, the squatters and the snake work together, HARMONIOUSLY, especially towards a common economic goal. We've witness the collaboration of artists from various ethnic groups, corporates run by a rainbow profile of important decision makers and fast food chains serving food for all ethnics without any racial tension.

What seems to be the problem is the over concern of certain component in the ruling party that their race is not able to stand up on their own feet, or so they claim. Now are they not having enough confidence and faith in their own race or are they concern about some personal agenda? Do they not see the success that some hardworking and smart earth prince bring to the country? Do they not see the fantastic result they got in their exams? Those who are truly capable have been screaming silently for the government to stop their intervention so that other races would recognize their achievements due to their talent and hard work as a genuine achievement and not an achievement due to unfair advantages they gain through government intervention. It's exactly like the children asking their over protective parents to give them more freedom because they are ready to face the challenges, and it's not because they think they can, but they have proven time and time again that they can!

Malaysia is ONE, we are united, and we recognize talent not by their skin tone but their attitude! To put it blatantly, we no longer not call a lazy person a Malay, a person who is good in calculation the Chinese and a person who can twist and turn their sales pitch to make the sales an Indian. We recognize them as a lazy Malaysian, a Malaysian who is good in calculation or a Malaysian who is good in sales. We are ONE, and there are always philanthropist or social community activist who aid Malaysian regardless of ethnicity. The grassroots are ONE, regardless of the billions of Ringgit pour into the advertising agency, public relationship firms and medias. Now are the politician who have been so conveniently use the ethnicity differences to further their personal gain ready to quit using their propaganda which are usually a cliche and focus on the important factors that will actually grow our country? 

We can live happily ever after!

So I end my ONE Malaysia story, with a happily ever after to make a good ending, this will not be a fairy tale, but it's a story that we can tell our generations to come, if and only if we strongly take our stance to prove that we are ONE and not easily influenced by the evil politician who try to separate us so that they can take advantages on us! Tell them to go screw themselves because we know that we are united as ONE and nothing that they say can change that! Tell them to open their eyes and look around! Tell them we agree should never forget our roots or what made us who we are, but we are always ready to make positive changes for a better tomorrow! So that we can truly live happily ever after!

P/S: If you bother to read until here, why not leave a comment to let me know what you think? Thanks!

Saturday, July 10, 2010

The Power of One - JCI Impact lyrics

One person refuse to sit on the back of the bus
She changed the ride for all of us
oooh that's the power of one

Her dairy felt a light in the dark
A young girl's hope touch millions of hearts
oooh that's the power of one

*One grain of sand can turn the tide
One single spark can light the night
One simple dream one gentle word
One act of love from someone
Can start a chain reaction
It all begins in the heart
And the power of one

While the other threw stones he didn't judge
He move the world with the strenght of his love
ooooh that's the power of one

repeat chorus

ooooh ooooh

All the little things we do everyday
The smallest still can bring all the change
ooooh that's the power of one

repeat chorus

The power of one~
The power of one~~~ ooohh oohhh ooohhh

It's the power of one

whoooohhh the power of one~~
It's the power of one
Power of one

Heyyy yeahh yeahh
Whooohh whoooo

While some may wonder where goes all the witty nutty lauyeelosophy, some totally forgotten about the existence of this humble blog. Well lauyee is busy with JCI projects, I'm not really that active but hey lauyee got other things to do, and writing structured bullshits needs time!

Nothing But Nets is a global grassroots campaign to save lives by preventing malaria, a leading killer of children in Africa. Inspired by ESPN columnist Rick Reilly, thousands of people have joined the campaign that was created by the United Nations Foundation in 2006, and JCI is proud to be one of their partners. Like I always said, the planet is fine, the humans are fucked, so save the humans!

To find out more simply visit

Tuesday, June 08, 2010


他 交了男朋友或者是女朋友之后,天蝎座就会觉得其它的朋友 来就是打扰他,因此能不理就不理,直到有一天天蝎座失恋了, 就会自动出现在公众面前。

Saturday, May 01, 2010

-=Happy Labor Day=-

A few quick words
wish every hardworking people Happy Labor Day
I will be in a formal debate for the first time of my life
Hate to admit that I have no clue how it would go
As I lack concrete points that I'm certain people couldn't rebut
Or that I am certain I could make a great come back even if they rebutted
May god that I never believed in show me their existance
Should they really do exist
I'm helping myself now so, help me you should.

Should any friends who are kind enough to share with me some ideas
The title for the debate is
Companies should emphasize on Increasing Business Revenue
rather than Decreasing Operations Cost
During Economic Downturn

Thank you in advance for those who help
Really appreciate any help I can get!

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Google Search Stories: Song Riddle!

In Feb 2010, Google had it's first Super Bowl ads, a love story through a series of search queries, a move that TechCrunch describe as Hell Freezes Over indeed it's a much unexpected move from Google, being a brand that, for nearly ten years, dismissed brand advertising as a waste of money ("The last bastion of unaccountable spending in corporate America," in Eric Schmidt's words back in 2006), and built its entire fortune on turning the advertising model upside down

Now, you have a chance to tell your own story using the Google Search Story Video Creator! Just head on to YouTube: Google Search Stories Video Creator and start to create your own Google Search Story! It's really simple, and only takes a few minutes of your time. Here's how to do it in 3 simple steps:-
1) Type in your searches and select the kind of results that best communicate your story.
Click to enlarge the image
2) Choose the background music that suit your story most. There's only 24 tracks to choose from for now.
Click to enlarge the image
 3) Preview add in your title, description and select the genre then upload it! It will be automatically uploaded to your YouTube account.
Click to enlarge the image

It's as simple as that!

Here's a few tips to make it more interesting...
1) Try using the different kinds of search (maps, images, products, just to name a few) to add visual variety to your story.
2) Use different search features (listed on Explore Google Search) to help get a big plot point across quickly and clearly.
3) Try and tell a story that ends with a surprise or, better yet, the beginning of a new story!
4) Make it personal! Tell the story of something you accomplished, fell in love with or discovered. Or make it about aliens. That's cool, too!
5) Since it's uploaded to YouTube, you can make an AudioSwap and now you have more songs to choose from!
6) You can also download the MP4 format of the video from YouTube by going to the video page!


Oh if you still haven't figure out the answer of the song riddle, it's How to Save A Life by The Fray!
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What is lauyeelosophy?

It was a little unexpected that this blog is still up at running after so many years, and definitely a huge chunk of inactivity. Started off with nothing but some personal nags, sharing some of the songs that I genuinely like and their lyrics, and some thoughts that I have no one around me to discuss with, bullshits that I've structured.

Soon I'll put everything into a mixing bowl, sharing lyrics with a structured bullshit story. I wouldn't update it as often as I'd like to but for people who like reading, I'm sure you wouldn't be disappointed.

Yes a picture is worth a thousand words, but it wouldn't be as entertaining as a thousand words for sure.

Sincerely yours,